Hello, I’m Marcile Powers. I’m an internationally showcased graphic artist and filmmaker. I have a background in marketing and design. After working in my field on independent films then for a health care company and finally a local television studio, I have decided to branch out on my own. I’m a mother of young children, which makes me interested in working with other families to make their businesses successful and capture life’s little moments. Let’s make it happen!

Originally born in Bradenton, FL, I have lived in Florida for most of life minus a brief period in Los Angeles. I have shown my art in various parts of Florida, San Francisco, New York City, and Rome, Italy as well as been published in numerous books and magazines.

I enjoy art, poetry, photography, and filmmaking. I have a background in marketing and campaigning. Currently, I live in St. Petersburg, FL with my family. I am the mother of two small boys, so I am interested in working on things that affect the local community that we are apart of here.